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Trane Controls

The Trane Company’s line of building management systems delivers the results you demand. Fusing Trane’s resources with our know-how and experience lets us customize solutions for your HVAC management requirements. Our mission at Gerster Solutions is to supply and install the most reliable Building Automation Systems available today.



Trane has various packages available depending on your building size and complexity. These range from the Tracker System (for smaller buildings) to Tracer Summit, Tracer SC and Tracer Enterprise Server (for more complex buildings).
Click here for a demo on Tracer controls.

Interfaces can range from keypad LCD touchscreens to Web Enabled full graphical solutions.  Interfaces from mobile handheld devices are also available.


System architecture typically consists of a user interface communicating to a central building controller that communicates via a variety of protocols to distributed logic controllers serving individual pieces of equipment.  Examples of communication protocols are legacy Trane communications, LON, BACNet (IP, Ethernet, MS/TP), and Modbus (IP, RTU, ASCII).
Click here for a demo of Trane's wireless communications.



The Trane Summit software package is capable of numerous operations and control strategies. Some examples are:


 • Critical Zone Reset

 • Smoke Control

 • Chiller Plant Optimization

 • Time of day scheduling

 • Demand limiting

 • Energy monitoring and graphing of this data

 • Load scheduling

 • Run time maintenance reports on equipment and systems

 • Lighting control

 • Speed control

 • Load profiling for time of day electric rates

 • Etc...


Examples of controllable equipment

 • Chillers

 • Rooftops

 • Air handlers

 • Variable Air Volume systems

 • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's)

 • Boilers

 • Pumps

 • Ice Storage Systems

 • Co-generation Systems

 • Air compressors

 • Lighting, indoor and outdoor

 • Process systems

 • Heat pumps

 • Heating Systems

 • Most devices that either start/stop, or have variable speeds



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