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Existing Building Services

HVAC equipment represents a large capital cost to any facility. Every building has a unique set of challenges including aging equipment, rising utility costs, indoor air quality and tenant comfort.


With one of the largest and most-experienced service teams in the industry, Gerster Solutions is the leading provider of complete service, repairs, upgrades, maintenance and energy services of existing HVAC equipment. We can install new equipment which is more efficient and reliable than your existing equipment. Diagnostics, unit repair, and microprocessor systems are among just a few of the services we offer.



We offer the following Building Services:

  • Equipment maintenance service contracts (for all manufacturers)

        • Why have a maintenance service contract?

        • Types of maintenance service contracts

  • Chiller refurbishment program

  • Controls upgrade program

  • Energy Services programs and upgrades

  • Controls systems service, including re-commissioning

  • Rental Services - chillers, temporary cooling and heating units, generators, and more.

  • Contingency planning - building cooling and heating

  • 24-hour service capabilities for contract customers



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