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Service Contracts


Why should you have a maintenance service contract?


 • To catch and prevent problems before they happen.

 • To perform needed maintenance.

 • To optimize your equipment to ensure it is performing at its fullest potential.

 • To keep current on equipment upgrades and factory service bulletins.



Service Contract Benefits:


Lower Power Consumption

Properly maintained equipment performs better, saves wasted fuel and power and lasts longer.


Priority Service

Service contract holders will receive priority service.


Fewer Complaints

An efficiently working system ensures proper environmental conditions in your building.


Written Reports

You have written record of each service call for each piece of equipment.


Low Manpower Costs

Factory trained experts work faster and more economically. Free your staff to operate your building more effectively.


Fewer Emergency Calls

Preventive maintenance reduces expensive and disruptive emergency service calls.


Better Cost Control

Maintenance costs can be budgeted in advance.


Lower inventory Costs

Gerster Solutions maintains a large stock of parts locally. You do not need to spend money to stock parts or replacement devices.


Protection of Equipment Investment

Your heating and air conditioning system represents a substantial capital investment. A service contract with Gerster Solutions reduces depreciation caused by improper care.


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