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EarthWise™ Systems

As the leader in HVAC equipment and controls, we offer EarthWise™ System design, including Trane’s EarthWise™ CenTraVac chiller which received the EPA’s Climate Protection Award.


EarthWise™ Systems, by definition, provide documented sustainability of high efficiency, low emissions over the entire lifetime of the building.  In some cases, the systems are less expensive to install and, in almost all cases, they offer lower operating costs than conventional designs.


The systems operate with:

• low flow

• low temperature

• high efficiency

• smaller pipes and pumps

• fewer natural resources

• less energy for water circulation


EarthWise™ systems save energy and are substantially quieter than traditional applied systems.  Integration with a Gerster Solutions controls system assures that the EarthWise™ System delivers optimal, reliable performance that can be documented.

Visit Trane's website to learn more about their EarthWise™ Systems and contact Gerster Solutions for help on your next project!


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