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Building Automation Systems provide solutions for total facility environmental control. Computerized controls, remote accessing and environmental system integration are available.


Integration Capabilities


Up until the 1990's all manufacturer's used proprietary communications protocols making it difficult to have multiple systems and/or manufacturers, communicate with each other.  Modbus had existed since the '80's but typically was used for industrial process systems.


This changed with the advent of BACnet and Lonworks.  Gerster Solutions is a leader in integrating different manufacturers into one seamless solution for the operator.  We have successfully integrated with: Siemens, Johnson, Barber Colman (Invensys, TAC), Automated Logic, Honeywell, Alerton, misc SCADA systems, VFD's, Security and Life/Safety systems.


Gerster Solutions has integrated with several manufacturer's legacy systems allowing upgrades to buildings while maintaining field controllers and devices to reduce the upgrade capital expenditure.


What makes Gerster Trane different?


At Gerster Solutions, our Sales engineers select products to match your needs. In addition, our Control Engineers match the necessary DDC controls to the equipment to provide an integrated, dependable system. We back all of our implementations with a field service organization of more than 20 service engineers. In short, we are your single source solutions provider for the entire life of your building.  




Gerster Trane can also assist in financing your project through our existing relationships, leasing, NYSERDA, and various other sources.


Energy Services


Improving energy efficiency and producing high quality results is at the top of every building manager's priority list. To meet these needs, Gerster Solutions has developed a complete line of ESCO/performance contracting solutions. Here at Gerster Solutions' Energy Services Department, we have many ways to meet your financial and technical requirements.


Gerster Trane can help your company:


 • Evaluate sources of energy waste

 • Use the newest technology to improve energy utilization

 • Update old machinery

 • Provide total facility automated control systems

 • Ensure environmental compliance

 • Increase reliability and productivity

 • By controlling your energy supply and demand you can control your costs. Combining these services with our engineers experience, the Trane process typically cuts energy costs by 10-30%




Some wireless communications technology that we are currently testing.

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