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What is BuildingLogiX™?

Gerster Solutions has partnered with BuildingLogix to offer you their suite of building automation software and hardware.


BuildingLogiX™  is a web based Building Automation System (BAS) you can access from anywhere via the internet. It was designed to optimize and integrate building systems of all different brands seamlessly, under one "roof".

See a LIVE demo of the EcoRate Dashboard by BuildingLogix


BuildingLogiX™ links your building systems (HVAC, lighting, security and more) to one control unit for communications and operations. It is focused on a building's Enterprise Level of System control and architecture and pulls information from multiple systems into one control panel, creating easy to understand graphics and reports which combine all of the information in one place.


BuildingLogiX™ lowers facility operating costs through:

 • Sophisticated control strategies that improve equipment performance.

 • System wide approach, not bits and pieces.

 • Ability to measure and report utility consumption real time, so corrective actions can be taken promptly.

BuildingLogiX™ Improves facility performance

Improved comfort is just the beginning.

Add or upgrade access control and video surveillance.

Efficiently control lighting systems -- office or work spaces -- exterior or parking lot lights, and all in between.

See TrendViewer in action


Access Your Building Through the Power of the Internet

Check building status through a regular web browser -- just like checking your email

No special software to buy or maintain

Staff uses the internet to respond and troublshoot, thereby reducing travel and response times

No special computers or devices needed for internet access -- use what computer hardware you have now!



Gerster Solutions Utilizes the Power of BuildingLogiX™ to Select Best of Breed for Your Facility

Your building has many systems but they don't all communicate with each other naturally. BuildingLogiX ties all of these systems and products together, into one reporting/controlling function.

Gerster Solutions provides single source responsibility through BuildingLogiX for our automation clients.

The interconnectivity of BuildingLogiX allows Gerster Solutions to select the best of breed components for equipment controls, monitoring, and sensing. Then we tie them all back together through BuildingLogix into a simple graphical interface that makes sense to you -- from your PC, your smart phone - anywhere in the world.






























Will I have to:

Replace my equipment? NO!

BuildingLogiX™ enables facility owners to "Embrace, Not Replace". This means that BuildingLogiX promotes integration to the "legacy" or existing BAS system. The costs for upgrade are reduced while at the same time the existing infrastructure is preserved.


Go into the office to check system status? NO!

All you need is an Internet connection to know how your building is performing at any time.


Get an engineering degree? NO!

BuildingLogiX™ is easy to understand and operate. Gerster Solutions provides qualified people for both installation and training in the operation of the entire system.


Shut the building down until we understand how to run BuildingLogiX™? NO!

There is minimal interruption to any system during installation and even less throughout operation. Those in the building will only know it is more comfortable!


Applications Include:

 • EcoRate

 • EnergyLogiX

 • Trendview

 • Security LogiX

 • Chiller System Optimizer (CSO)

 • Air System Optimizer (ASO)


Learn even more about BuildingLogiX™



Gerster Solutions has your needs in mind as we strive to provide best in class service.


We look forward to working with you soon.


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